Our Mission

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest is too future for its own good. Meaning we center femme identifying black people through the medium of film. An industry that has been historically centered around white males. This film festival encourages filmmakers who are on the margins to come together and find community within ourselves. We want to re-envision the black femme as a global protagonist and universal archetype and our programming reflects that. Since our first festival in spring 2018 we’ve screened over 40 short films from black filmmakers of varying ethnicities and nationalities.

We started 2019 with a screening event entitled “Taste Test” to give people an idea about the type of content we will be screening at the second Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest in Baltimore Maryland, Labor Day weekend. We featured shorts from all over the continental United States, Canada, Cuba, Brazil, and South Africa. We ended with a panel discussion about how our black femme filmmakers navigate their respective career paths. Aside from screening films that have a harder time seeking distribution due to sexism, racism, and classism we strive to foster an intentional community of filmmakers and film lovers alike. We also intend to empower ourselves through paying our filmmakers.

Filmmaking is such a costly endeavor. From creating the film to submitting to festivals, it’s a pay to play industry. We at Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival pay selected filmmakers to screen at our smaller screening events. We offer discounts on our submission fees. And hopefully this year we will be able to award filmmakers jury prizes. We see this festival as a gateway to distributing the art of filmmakers who otherwise might not have had the reach to unlikely film festival attendees.

Film festivals are notoriously elitist. They function like private parties that only film industry insiders or those seeking entry attend. We at Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest target folks who may not even know what a film festival is in the hopes to expose them to what could ultimately become their new favorite film. Black femme identifying folks are most often ignored by TV/Film and yet they are faithful consumers of mainstream media. What would the world look like if those usually left out of the gaze where not only included into but- actively controlling the narrative? The Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest aims to curate the answer.

Our History

May 2018

Hosted the 1st "Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest" in Baltimore

Jan 2019

Launched "Taste Test" short films screening Tour in Baltimore

May 2019

"Taste Test" in Brookyn, NY

July 2019

"Taste Test" in New Orleans, LA

Oct 2019

"Taste Test" in Alexandria, VA

August 2019

Hosted the 2nd "Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest" in Baltimore