2019 Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest Program

The theme of the festival this year is Access. Festival programs will elaborate on subjects such as 

Access to Power, Access to Guidance, and Access to Love.




After losing her ailing mother, Tiffany follows the lead of her older sister and makes fast money as a cam girl under her alias; Jezebel.

Directed by Numa Perrier.
Screening August 30th 8pm

2019 Black Femme Supremacy Festival Opener *Baltimore Premiere*
Q+A w/ director to follow

A teenager on the cusp of college is sent to live with her estranged grandmother on the other side of the country after her father’s death.

Directed by Tchaiko Omawale.
Screening w/ LoveLorn by Mecca Lewis
Screening September 1st 3:30pm


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These women have a tough job, securing the legacy of samba music while ensuring that the next generation learns about what they’re inheriting, that is if they even want to let the new generation in. This film shines a light on As Pastoras, the samba chorus singers of the Samba school of Portela: Tia Surica, Neide Santana, Áurea Maria and Jane Carla.

Directed by Juliana Chagas.
Screening w/ POCCON by Alyssa Douglas.
Screening August 31st 1pm

Director Falani Spivey traveled to Brazil for 10 years to document the life of Elem Silva a young black woman who started her own Samba Reggae band as a child. This is a work in progress screening and fundraiser to support the post production costs of this film.

Directed by Falani Spivey 
Screening September 1st 1pm
Q+A to follow

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Horror, fantasy, sci fi; genre film is a staple in American cinema and yet has historically been the playground of white men. The films featured are just a glimpse in what could happen when black femme filmmakers are given access to Genre.

85 mins
Screening August 31st 8:30pm
Panel Discussion to follow

The Woman at the end of the World, Ana do Carmo.
The Call, Angel Hobbs.
Empty, Cameron Morton.
Hair Wolf, Mariama Diallo.
Re-member, Eden Daniel.
Queen of Hearts, Kyisha Williams and Lindsey Addawoo

Ah love… it’s everything to the black femme. Or is it? These shorts question “love”. Who can give it? Who charges for it? And how much does it cost the black femme to access it.

77 mins
Screening August 31st 3:30 pm
Panel Discussion to follow

Advice, Roland Morrison and Marquis Douglas.
The Right Swipe, Justin Caselle.
Going Down, Mezan Ayoka. 
Curiosity, Britt Sankofa.
Lovelorn, Mecca Lewis.
You Thought You Knew, Sierra McKenzie.
Me Time, Iyabo Boyd.
$ugar Maybe, Adrianna Cherelle.

These films are about access to parental guidance or the lack thereof because for better or worse, these are the people who make us who we are.

87 mins
Screening September 1st 11am
Panel Discussion to follow

Mothers are like Mirrors, Jacarrea Garraway
Lazy Day, Alicia Robinson.
We Be The Same, Imani Leigh
 Finding Phoebe, Sade Joseph Clacken. 
Second Generation Wedding, Lande Yoosuf.
Tears from Heaven, Tyronne “Syranno” Wilkens. 
Sweeter, Emily Eglin.

If the personal is political and politics are all about power, where does the black femme find herself in the heiracarchy? These shorts are about all the ways black femmes grapple with power, or the lack thereof in their lives.

92 mins
Screening September 1st 3:30pm
Panel Discussion to follow

Sad Girl Club, Nayani Thiyagarajah.
Triggered: Street Harassment and Rape Culture in D.C.’s Ward 8, Liane Scott.
Happy Birthday Marsha, Reina Gossett and Sasha Wortzel.
Baobab Flowers, Gabriela Watson-Burkett.

One of two flagship festival shorts programs; this years’ filmmakers grappled with access to blackness. What are all the ways we define Blackness, who gets to claim that title, and why?

70 mins
Screening August 31st 11am
Panel Discussion to follow

The Howl Over Earth Was Grave Thus Flowered You: Pt II, Stephanie Wallace.
NEGRO – FINDING IDENTITY, Dash Harris Machado.
Before We Wrap, Liz Charles.
SANFOKA, Vivian Vivas 
Second Generation Wedding, Lande Yoosuf.
Kaleidoscope Stories “Kelly Fyffe Marshall”, Helena Morgane.

One of two flagship festival shorts programs; this years’ filmmakers grappled with access to femminity. Who gets to call themselves feminine and who has had to fight for the title?

59 mins
Screening August 31st 6pm
Panel Discussion to follow

Femme Queen Chronicles, Ahya Simone.
Femme Sparks, Sierra McKenzie.
#MISSAMERICA, Nayani Thiyagarajah.
This is For Us, Shanel Edwards.
Finding Nia, Nia Barge.
More Dead, Ariella Tai.
DOLL BABY, Britt Sankofa.
Jamie Fulla Grace, Emily Eglin.

From emerging auteurs to first timers filmmakers this block is full of Baltimore based talent.

Screening August 31st 1pm + September 1st 6pm
Panel Discussion to follow both screenings

The Howl Over Earth Was Grave Thus Flowered You: Pt II, Stephanie Wallace. 

Jamie Fulla Grace, Emily Eglin.
Indelible: Abdu Ali, Antonio Hernadez.
Born With Flaws, Bunmi Abari. 
Finding Phoebe, Sade Joseph Clacken.
An Unconditional Giving, Nia Hampton.
BodyMore, Darren Mallett.
Ballet After Dark, B. Monet. 
Lazy Day, Alicia Robinson. 
A Black Girl’s Country, Nia June.


2019 BFS Film Festival Photos

Photos by Carmyn Manning of Katana Carson Photography