2021 Festival FAQs

Will these events be recorded and available for later viewings? All screenings will run from Sept 4 – Sept 11 but will not be available after. You’re welcome to watch the films as many times as possible during the festival dates. All post screening panels will live on our Youtube channel; Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest
Are closed captions available? Usually we strive for that – but this year, unfortunately, only some of the films have captions. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will not repeat this mistake again at our future events.
Can I buy tickets for just one day? One film? This year we have 9 film blocks and you can purchase 1 ticket for 1 block. Each film block has a collection of short films that are connected by a common theme.
Which is the best browser to use for the best streaming experience?

Audiences can watch from all browser types but Chrome will offer the best viewing experience.
Who do I contact if I’m having issues viewing the films? Tech issues can be directed to welcome@sisterhoodmedia.net. You can receive troubleshooting tips by contacting the help desk at Sisterhood Media TV for immediate assistance from our support team.
Are there any membership perks for the festival? Yes! We offer a discount for BFSFilmFest Members. Tickets for members are $15. To learn about the other perks or become a member, check out our website at https://bfsfilmfest.com/membership/.