“At the festival, i felt encouraged by how black femmes are committed to changing the narratives about us, by taking control.” 

– Lyric  Prince

Where is...

Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival

This festival was founded in Baltimore City, but it was inspired by black femme filmmakers from all over the world. We travel as a means to connect with our international community. We will also be hosting virtual screenings in the near future. If interested in collaborating please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival is hosted on the unceded land of the Piscataway, Lumbee, and Cherokee peoples. We organize on the ancestral homeland of the Paskestikweya (Pist-ka-tanh-wah) people, now known as present day Baltimore. We wish to pay our respects to the elders, past and present citizens, of the Cedarville Band of the Piscataway Conoy, the Piscataway Indian Nation, and the Piscataway Conoy Tribe. We strive to hold space and value the perspectives that these nations share regarding their histories, cultures, and traditions. As we build community with sovereign nations to ensure reconciliation on their rightful land, we encourage our attendees to learn more about the Paskestikeweya by going to PISCATAWAYINDIANS.COM.

We’re proud to have our festival events featured in a number of publications, online and offline.