our intentions and beliefs

The Manifesto:

Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival...

Is 2 future for its own good. Meaning we are aware that what we are attempting to do by bringing the spectrum of Black [African’s and descendents of Africans] femininity [trans, cis, non- binary folks] together with a film festival, empowering others and working alongside leaders and activators making this work in our communities.

Believes that filmmaking is community work, community organizing, and community building, and our community is for  everyone, especially those left most often out of the frame. We organize this festival with our communities in mind because this work is ultimately for the people.

Is intentionally for Black femmes - meaning,including, and especially celebrating our black queer, gender non-conforming, and trans community of filmmakers of all ethnicities and nationalities

Centers the Black femme as a global protagonist.

Believes that filmmakers and organizers should be equitably compensated for their creative labor.  

Sees the importance in working across institutionalized imposed borders. Meaning literal geographic borders and barriers of the film industry. We use our voices, resources, and the internet to connect with each other wherever we are.

Sees filmmaking as a way to preserve culture and create the framework for new worlds. We understand, respect, and embody the power of storytelling through the medium.

Is a community where Black femme filmmakers are encouraged  to work out ideas amongst like minded individuals who will hold your work with true consideration.