Created by and for black femmes

We are imagining the black femme as a global protagonist and universal archetype. We are looking for moving films of any genre that center black femme protagonists or are made by black femme filmmakers.

The 2019 Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival will take place in Baltimore Maryland, Labor Day weekend. 

The theme is “Accessibility”.

The Problem

Intersectionality in the Director's Chair

Of the top-grossing 1,200 films from 2007 to 2018: Only 9 directing assignments have been filled by women of color. These 9 jobs were held by 7 women, 4 of whom were Black

Black Femme Director

16 Black directors (14.3%) worked across the 100 top films. 15 were male and only 1 was female.

Breaking the trend
with your support

Traditionally film festivals made most of their money by charging filmmakers to screen. This speaks to why film festivals look how they do now, you essentially have to pay to play.

We don’t want to continue that same trend with this film festival. We want to charge filmmakers an affordable submission fee and also pay for selected films to screen. We even want to pay jury prize winners. In order to reach these goals we need your support.

What we have accomplished so far

Films Screened
Femme Filmmakers

More Information about #bfsfilmfest

How are we defining Femme?

We are defining femme through gender expression. If you identity as femme, send your work!

Wanna be down?

How are we defining Black?

We are defining black as African and descendants of African people. As long as your race is black we are looking for you, regardless of your ethnicity and nationality.
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