2020 Taste Test

March 14, 12pm @ Houston Museum Of African American Culture

Deux Sol Podcast

The Black Femme Gaze: A Talk With Nia Hampton

This festival encourages filmmakers who are on the margins to come together and find community within ourselves. We want to re-envision the black femme as a global protagonist and universal archetype. Since our first festival in spring 2018 we’ve screened over 40 short films from black filmmakers of varying ethnicities and nationalities. This upcoming Labor Day Weekend we intend to host our second Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival at the historic Parkway Theater in Baltimore, Maryland. Come through! Click here to check out the full festival schedule.

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A grassroots endeavor to connect Black Femmes throughout the African diaspora through the medium of film. A film festival that is quite possibly too future for its own good. 

The niche market that we cater to at our festival is quite literally the future. These are the heads of households who not only influence the minds of the youth but the checking accounts of the family and community at large. We aim to appeal to the whole of who our audience is, as so often Black Femmes are forced to choose between their blackness or their queerness. This is a festival that celebrates both.

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How are we defining Femme?

We are defining femme through gender expression. If you identity as femme, send your work!

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How are we defining Black?

We are defining black as African and descendants of African people. As long as your race is black we are looking for you, regardless of your ethnicity and nationality.
Email us at (bfsfilmfest@gmail.com)