2020 Taste Test Program

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest is proud to return with it’s short films program “Taste Test”.
These shorts – created by and for Black femmes imagine the Black femme as a global protagonist and universal archetype.


Woman at the End of the World

Two femmes by themselves at what seems like the end of times. Will they make it through together?

Directed by Ana do Carmo

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#MISSAMERICA takes you through the changing journey of one Black woman over different stages of her life.

Directed by V.T. Nayani

Lazy Day

This animated short features a fun day with a little girl and her father before things changed on one fateful day.

Directed by Alicia Robinson

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Jamie Fulla Grace

A fun and quirky peak into the life of the amazing Jamie Fulla Grace.

Directed by Emily Eaglin

Doll Baby

Have you ever thought about how much dolls impacted your childhood? Well, let’s discuss.

Directed by Britt Sankofa

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Queen of Hearts

A young queen has much to learn about her powers and with the death of her beloved witch doctor she may have to learn faster than she thought.

Directed by Kyisha Williams &
Lindsey Addawoo

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A Black Girls Country

A meditative, healing short film asking: what do you know of a Black girl’s country?

Directed by Nia June